Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Will Things Ever Change?

I am feeling discouraged.

Over the last couple of weeks I have spent a lot of time catching up on what's happening in Sacramento and Washington DC in regards to Immigration. I have read articles, listened to speeches and even watched all 2 hours of a committee hearing on the DREAM Act. Maybe it's just because Immigration is my "thing", but it seems like it's everywhere these days.

Everyone is talking about it, but nothing is changing. In fact, things are getting worse. There have been more deportations under the Obama administration then under Bush. There is complete chaos at the state level as everyone tries to take a federal matter into their own hands. And most important to me, those I care so much about feel more hopeless than ever. The list of faith communities, organizations, government entities and business' that support the DREAM Act and Comprehensive Reform are staggering. Most people who have taken the time to educate themselves on the reality of our Immigration system have come to the conclusion that the status-quo just isn't right. But still, nothing changes.

The more I seek out answers to my questions like, "Why did Obama promise to pass reform in his first year of presidency and then do nothing?" or, "Why did Republican Senators who previously sponsored the DREAM Act vote against it last December?" I have come to realize that those checks and balances we learn about in 12th grade government can be kind of pesky at times. I don't mean to sound like a conspiracist or ungrateful for our democracy, but the truth is, I am pretty frustrated.

While politicians are busy figuring out how to get re-elected or what bills to hold hostage to get their own bills passed, my neighbors are paying the price. They are struggling to put food on the table, help their children get through school, and push forward in the midst of dear loved ones being deported. I know that some will say they brought this struggle upon themselves by coming here without documentation, but I still can't help but sense God's deep love and compassion for their situations.

I am committed to seeing this through but I often wonder how long I will have to wait to see my friends and family receive the same rights I was given at birth.

I am praying for a victory...even a small one.